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Expert buying advice on double strollers



As stated in the double stroller reviews the most important consideration is safety. Along with ensuring that the model has not been recalled due to manufacturing problems, it should also be rated for safety by JPMA. Some safety features to look for include locking wheels and frames, along with a durable and sturdy construction. You also want to make sure that safety harness is able to keep your little ones securely seated inside the double stroller.



There are several types of double strollers, and each has its own advantages. Traditional side by side models let children sit comfortably beside each other, but it does feature a wider design. Sit and stand double strollers are ideal for younger and older children, while a model designed for jogging has a rugged construction that can smoothly handle uneven terrain. Tandem strollers are ideal for narrow aisles, and often feature an easy to fold design. These double strollers are also ideal for preventing fights since children are seated back to back.

Umbrella strollers are ideal for running quick errands, and are often considered the most convenient to use. There are also triple strollers which are ideal for larger families, and some models are even designed to comfortably seat more than three children. The best double stroller of 2016 will comfortably seat your children, and still be easy for you to maneuver.



Double strollers are designed to be larger and heavier than single strollers, and this should be taken into consideration. Not only do you want to ensure that the model fits easily into your vehicle, you also want to be able to lift it. Umbrella strollers are generally considered the lightest in weight, and are also easy to fold and open with one hand. Double jogging strollers are generally heavier than other models, and are also larger in size. You also want to consider the weight of your children, and how long you are planning on using the double stroller. Weight limits can vary between the different models and should be considered, especially if you are planning on using the double stroller for active toddlers.



The top stroller for twins in 2016 includes features designed for comfort and convenience. Some models feature convenient storage compartments that help to keep all of your children’s necessary belongings neatly organized and easy to find. Removable snack trays can help keep babies and toddlers occupied, and also make a great surface for playing with small toys. Some double strollers feature an adapter that lets you connect the car seat directly to the frame, which is ideal if you are dealing with younger sets of twins. Some double strollers also include hooks that make it easy to keep track of shopping and diaper bags, and attachable toys to keep fussy babies entertained when you are running errands. Other convenient features to consider can include netting to prevent bugs from bothering children, along with shades to protect delicate skin from painful sun burns.




There’s nothing like the best double strollers 2016 to facilitate an outdoor adventure with two children or twins. A double stroller lets you bring along your young children on a walk in the park or a trip to the grocery store. It can simplify child transport when you’ve got some errands to run.



Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect


1.Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller, DragonflyConstructed with metal, plastic and polyester, the Graco DuoGlider is built with stadium style seating that allows one child to remain seated at a lower level up front so the other child at the back can still enjoy the passing scenery and the view ahead. This double stroller is versatile as it can handle two Graco Classic Connect car seats to create an impressive child transportation system.

Each of the two seats can accommodate one 40-pound child each. The individual canopies on each seat protect the young riders against the elements. The stroller features one-hand standing fold so you can close it easily without having to bend down low.

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Baby Trend Sit N Stand


2.Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double, CarbonThis baby stroller facilitates easy traveling with children of varying ages. The older passenger can either sit or stand on the back section while the younger child can take the front seat. The covered parent tray is equipped with two cup holders to accommodate the caregiver’s drinks.

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double features a one-hand fold feature that enables you to take down the stroller with one hand while holding baby in the other. The five-point safety harness holds the young passenger securely in place. The rear brake is foot activated so your hands are free to just guide the stroller along during the ride.

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Delta Children City Street Side by Side


3.Delta Children City Street Side by Side Stroller, BlackOne of the least expensive double strollers for sale on the market, the Delta Children City Street Side by Side comes with a lightweight frame that makes it easy to push along. The compact umbrella fold allows effortless travel and storage. Able to easily fit into a standard 30-inch doorway, the stroller proves to be easy to maneuver.

The three-point harness keeps the young passengers comfortably secure in the seats. The stroller has a parent cup holder that can be attached to two different points for easy reach. Made of tough sport color fabric, the stroller has 360-degree swivel front wheels to ensure hassle-free mobility.

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InStep Safari


4.InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller, Blue-GreyPerfectly designed for twins, the InStep Safari Stroller boasts a dual trigger folding mechanism that ensures unparalleled safety for the young riders. The front wheel can be manually locked to switch from swivel mode to fixed mode in a snap. The rubberized grip offers a comfortable, ergonomic hold while ensuring that it won’t get out of your hands easily with its slip-resistant design.

The InStep Safari Stroller has a flip-open molded child tray with dual cup holders and the molded parent tray has dual fin grip cup holders so the caregiver and the young passengers can enjoy their own beverages during the outdoor trip.

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Dream On Me Twin


5.Dream On Me Double Twin Stroller, BlackDesigned with plenty of storage to hold baby’s essentials during the trip, the Dream On Me Twin Stroller has a five-point safety harness on each seat to ensure safety for the young occupants. The stroller is made ultra-lightweight to ensure easy handling. The two seats each have an adjustable canopy to protect the riders from the elements. The seats can be made to recline fully to allow the young passengers to rest during the ride.

The two large baskets hold as many items as possible so everything is within reach. The stylish double stroller has a compact umbrella style structure to make travel safe, fun and hassle-free.

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